Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services In London

MJ ACCOUNTING can provide complete and accurate book keeping services to suit your business needs or advise you on the methods of bookkeeping best suited to you.

The law requires all businesses to keep accurate books of accounts and their financial transactions which ultimately help businesses when filing VAT (Value Added Tax) return and Tax return. There are number of advantages of in time & accurate small business book-keeping and financial record keeping:

  • The information can be used to control the financial affairs of your business and you never suffer for financial irregularities.
  • The account that required to be produced in order to calculate your tax liability or may be requires by the banks and financial institutions can be completed in a more efficient way resulting saving on your tax bills.

What makes us special as the Local Bookkeepers

With our experience we can take this laborious bookkeeping task away from you provided that you can supply the basic information regularly and in time.

Let us take away this book keeping hassle which may causes many businesses concern and stress each year end. Our clients send us their papers on monthly basis and we take care all thereafter till the preparation of final accounts.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services For Small Businesses

Our fee is very competitive and you can pay monthly this will avoid a one cash out flow at the end of year and help your cash flow as well.  At our bookkeeping company we will look after you books so you can look after your business.


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